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EDITORIAL services for books, papers, and other projects:
Content editing—Strategic editing dealing with style, flow, coherency, organization, and proper execution of communicating the overall theme or basic concept of the work, whether it be a novel, nonfiction book, or magazine-article length or shorter work
Line Editing—A hard line-by-line analysis of the work to tighten and maximize the impact of sentences and the overall flow of the manuscript
Copy Editing—Editing for grammar, proper word usage, proper punctuation, style
Proofreading—Reviewing a manuscript and making corrections after the copy edit
Manuscript Evaluation—Providing technical and creative feedback and suggestions on how to improve manuscripts and papers
Fact Checking—Checking and correcting facts
Ghostwriting—Behind-the-scenes book writing
Consulting—Providing advice and feedback on a project

Other services provided include writing and editing:
Business Blogs
Executive Bios
Press Releases and Kits
Twitter and Facebook Content

FEES: Projects are assessed on an individual basis, and fees may vary depending on the complexity of the project. A price will be provided after an initial review of your manuscript or proposal.